With the University of Northern Iowa and major corporations calling the Cedar Valley home, our community is an exciting mix of cultures and backgrounds, young and old, families and single professionals.
Abundant and
Affordable Housing
Whether you prefer downtown condo living, historic neighborhoods, booming new residential developments, or living on a large acreage, your housing dollar goes a long way in the Cedar Valley. In 2011, MSN Real Estate named Waterloo-Cedar Falls the 4th Most Livable Bargain Market in the nation.
Distances from the Cedar Valley to major cities
I absolutely love the Cedar Valley and plan to stay here indefinitely... the perfect balance between small town and bigger city - Ron Rabue
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Cedar Falls


Cedar Falls is Iowa’s first true gigabit city, where every home and business is connected to 100% fiber broadband through community-owned Cedar Falls Utilities. Cedar Falls is home to the University of Northern Iowa, with a wide variety of athletic events, performances, and exhibits. Explore over 80 miles of recreational trails, catch a Broadway show at the Gallagher Bluedorn Performing Arts Center, or take a stroll through vibrant, historic downtown.



The City of Waterloo is a thriving community, rich in agricultural development, engineering and cultural diversity. You will find a host of museums, art galleries, a local symphony, minor league hockey and baseball teams, airport, and annual city-wide festivals including Iowa’s Irish Fest. TechWorks Campus is the Midwest’s only Additive 3D Manufacturing Center and Design Labs. Home to businesses like John Deere, Tyson Foods, ConAgra Grocer Products, and Ryder Integrated Logistics and to Hawkeye Community College and the Cedar Valley Sportsplex.



Waverly is the home of Wartburg College, a small private liberal arts college, who shares a strong connection with the community. An impressive list of community assets includes 12 miles of trails and paths, two 18-hole golf courses, a new public library, new middle school, the new city-owned Waverly Health Center, and the new 200,000 square-foot Wartburg-Waverly Sports & Wellness complex. Waverly’s downtown is a quality mix of service businesses, specialty shops, and restaurants.

Bremer County

Bremer County is a hub for activity, with safe community parks, trails, golf courses, and beautiful downtown districts. Bremer County consists of eight towns including: Denver, Frederika, Janesville, Plainfield, Readlyn, Sumner, Tripoli, and Waverly. Wartburg College, a four year liberal arts school located in Waverly provides all of the surrounding communities with endless entertainment venues ranging from fine arts to sporting events. Bremer County is also home to 24 public parks offering hiking, running, swimming, boating, and other outdoor activities.

Butler County

Butler County is a great place to do business, and raise a family. The county consists of 10 towns: Allison, Aplington, Aredale, Bristow, Clarksville, Dumont, Greene, New Hartford, Parkersburg, and Shell Rock. The population of the county is approximately 15,000. These towns provide small town community comforts. Butler County’s Shell Rock River Trail is part of a tri-county 80 mile trail connecting communities with outdoor recreation opportunities. Over 50 barn quilts of all shapes and sizes grace the barns of the rural roads and byways.


Buchanan County is made up of 11 quaint towns including: Aurora, Brandon, Fairbank, Hazelton, Independence, Jesup, Lamont, Quasqueton, Rowley, Stanley, and Winthrop. The county population is approximately 21,000 citizens. The county boasts 19 locations listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Buchanan County offers small town values and comforts, with larger cities such as Waterloo and Cedar Falls only a short commute away. Buchanan County Conservation officials manage 40 parks and nature areas, where endless outdoor endeavors can be pursued.


Great schools, family events and a host of other activities and opportunities make Chickasaw County an attractive place to call home. The population is approximately 12,000 residents. The county receives its name in honor of the Chickasaw Native American tribe. Nine beautiful towns are located in Chickasaw County: Alta Vista, Bassett, Fredericksburg, Ionia, Lawler, Nashua, New Hampton, North Washington, and Protivin. Chickasaw County maintains over 1,900 acres of public land and parks for public recreational use. It is home to Hawkeye Buffalo Ranch, where visitors can hand feed American Buffalo. The many quaint Main Streets offer unique small town specialty boutiques.

Grundy County

Grundy County offers its residents a growing and safe community to raise a family. Grundy County lies directly in the center of Northeast Iowa, with a population of approximately 12,500. The county consists of nine small towns: Beaman, Conrad, Dike, Grundy Center, Holland, Morrison, Reinbeck, Stout, and Wellsburg. Grundy County is home to over 65 incredible barn quilts, the most quilts per county in the state of Iowa. The county has five golf courses and 15 public parks, giving residents ample opportunity to enjoy being outdoors.

Year-Round Sports
and Recreation
The Cedar Valley's commitment to quality-of-life shines through in its extensive recreational trails, state and county parks, professional and collegiate sport teams, seven public golf courses, and indoor hockey rink. The stunning, new $23 million Cedar Valley SportsPlex is now open and includes indoor soccer fields, basketball courts, swimming pools, walking track and workout areas.
The Cedar Valley Trails system was uniquely designed as a series of loops, meaning you can choose the distance you want to ride and still end up back at your vehicle at the end. Enjoy all of these amenities with views of the Cedar River, several lakes and natural prairies.
Art and Culture
The Cedar Valley's cultural scene rivals that of much larger metropolitan areas. From Blue Man Group to Mannheim Steamroller, the state-of-the-art Gallagher-Bluedorn Performing Arts Center presents big-name artists and productions. Boasting a professional symphony orchestra, several theater companies, and museums of every variety, the Cedar Valley provides opportunities to bask in culture any day of the week.
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Community Festivals
and Attractions
Cedar Valley residents look forward to summer, because it's time for the Sturgis Falls Celebration (founder's celebration), My Waterloo Days, and the Iowa Irish Fest. The Waterloo Open, the state's longest running professional golf tournament, and Lost Island Water Park are popular venues that draw locals and tourists alike.
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Historic Downtown
Districts and Shopping
Our award-winning Main Street districts offer unmatched charm along with unique shopping and dining establishments, in addition to seasonal events and attractions. The Cedar Valley provides you the major retail chains and department stores you want, as well as an array of boutique and specialty stores.
Dining and
Night-life Options
Whether you're looking for a casual family dining experience, your favorite ethnic cuisine, or a sophisticated night on the town, it's all available to you in the Cedar Valley. Those who enjoy the night-life have their choice of martini bars, comedy clubs, live music venues, and sports bars. Below is a sampling of unique venues the area offers.
One of the Best Small
Places for Business
and Careers
Forbes named Waterloo as the #10 small U.S. city where businesses and careers thrive. Forbes recognized the region's broad industrial economic base, along with our strong cultural and educational resources.
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Strong Professional Networks
The Cedar Valley boasts a healthy support network for creative professionals working in the field. Events like TechBrew and BarCamp Cedar Valley offer opportunities to connect and share ideas.
University of
Northern Iowa
The University of Northern Iowa is one of three Iowa state Regents' universities, with approximately 13,000 students. UNI has earned national acclaim, including recognition from The Princeton Review as a “Best Business School” for six consecutive years.
Community College
One of Iowa's fifteen community colleges and home to nearly 7,000 students, Hawkeye Community College features many stunning, new facilities to prepare students for advanced, technical careers including nursing, advanced manufacturing, dental hygiene, and civil and construction engineering technology.
Wartburg College
Wartburg is a private four-year liberal arts college of 1,799 students. U.S. News and World Report and The Princeton Review rank Wartburg among the best liberal arts colleges in the nation.
Leader Valley
The Leader Valley talent initiative, born out of the Greater Cedar Valley Alliance & Chamber’s priority to develop a strong workforce and to strengthen business and education collaboration, has been formed to expand the reach of leadership and 21st Century soft skill development opportunities to all students in the Cedar Valley. The Cedar Valley has been recognized by Franklin Covey as the only place in the world to take this kind of regional approach.